The best thing you can do to help someone else is to help yourself

One of the hardest lessons yet most liberating blessings I have ever embraced in my life is that the best thing that I could do to help anyone else was to help myself.

It is so tempting to stop what we are doing to help someone else, even if what we are doing enables us to help more than one person. It is the stopping that diverts us in our attention from our mission and we get lost in the shuffle.

During this COVID-19 crisis, our church has been very busy. My husband has been running in a thousand different directions to help on many fronts. There are so many people who are going without the basic necessities that it is scary. From coordinating several feeding programs, to ensuring people have housing when they don't have money coming in the door, my husband is really running several marathons at once. I want to help, and I do help, but I want to do more.