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Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell is a Supreme Performance Personal and Professional Development Coach whose clients experience maximum Life ROI by leveraging her skills and expertise as an Attorney, CPA, Certified Christian Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, and ordained New Thought Christian Minister. Hailing from Miami, Florida, Lynita is a multifaceted Powerhouse with a strong commitment to empower others to achieve their highest vision for life both personally and professionally. An Amazon Best-Selling Author, Lynita’s fourth book is disrupting the established thoughts on life balance - Knocked Down, Set Straight: Face It, Speak It, Forgive It, Release It.


Lynita has founded and led several businesses that include an eponymous law firm through which she has been recognized as a Top 100 Lawyer in Georgia; an accounting
firm; an award-winning media company that published five magazines, two of which were voted as ATL’s Hottest; and publishing company that published 7 bestselling
authors.  As an advocate for women globally, she is also the Co-founder of the Jewell Jackson McCabe Emerging Institute, a leadership training and development non-profit
which has served over 400 women and girls both nationally and abroad.


With every professional accomplishment and “win”, there was an equal and corresponding challenge and “loss” that included a brutal battle with endometriosis, struggles with self-esteem and body-image, and career changes that created terrifying fork-in-the-road decisions. Lynita’s deep dedication to clients leverages the wisdom gained from overcoming these fears, and includes utilizing her entire portfolio of skills and resources to prosper, promote, and propel them toward their optimal Aggregate Intelligence™ in their businesses, careers, relationships, and self development. Her efforts are curated to help clients release their deepest fears so they may live prosperously in every way. As CEO of Leading Through Living, Lynita’s services include both one-on-one and group coaching, immersive experiences, transformational live events, and on-demand webinars; all designed to free clients from the paralysis of fear and set them on course for successful living.


Lynita has also served as an active leader in her professional communities, including President of both the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs and the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys Foundation. At the latter, she implemented its Civil Pro Bono project to establish wills for the terminally ill, which was awarded the National Women's Bar Association Outstanding Project Award. She is also an honorary member of the Birmingham Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. These endeavors have earned Lynita numerous accolades which include being honored by the Georgia Legislative Caucus with the Yellow Rose Community Service Award, Secretary of State as an Outstanding Citizen, the Walker’s Legacy National Power Award in Leadership & Business, and the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation with the Lifetime Achievement Award under the Obama Administration. She has also been recognized by Lawyer Monthly Magazine with the Woman in Law Award, as a Top 100 Attorney by the National Black Lawyers, and Who's Who in Black Atlanta.


As a beacon of light and inspiration to many, Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell will continue
helping professional women move past the fears that eclipse their shine and
embrace the brilliance to live a fully prosperous life. 

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