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Lynita would love to be a guest on your podcast.  She is an engaging and informative guest, and enjoys sharing her expertise in leadership, business development, overcoming life's challenges, publishing, and law with show audiences.  View Lynita's Podcast One Sheet below.  

Podcasts Lynita Has Appeared On:

Lynita was guest on the Mind For Success podcast with Kimberly Lebbing

Topic: Living Life On Fire

Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell Instagram 4.jpg

Lynita was a guest on the The Derek Duvall Show podcast 

Topic: Lynita dishes out some life advice, talks about her latest book, "Live Life on Fire" and she also discusses some aspects of her incredibly interesting life.

Lynita was guest on the Your Spectacular Life podcast with Jodi Weitz

Topic: The Formula to the Ultimate Successful Life with Peace, Joy and Fulfillment

Lynita was guest on the KAJ Masterclass with Khudania Ajay

Topic: How to Turn Frustration into Fuel for Success

Lynita was guest on the The True Elegance Podcast with Dr. Bunmi Akinkugbe

Lynita was guest on the Wings of Inspired Business Podcast with Melinda Wittstock


Would you like to be a guest on Lynita's podcast Eclipse the Fear?  Click here.

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