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Pray Big Prayers

Have you ever wondered why some people's prayers are answered immediately and others take more time? Even if the thing that one person asks for is simple, it (seems to) take forever, while another person asks for something huge and it's answered immediately.


It's not that any request is big or small. All requests to God are the same. Rather, our prayers are vibrations sent into the world. Some prayers are sent with a strong vibration and others are sent with a lesser frequency vibration. Some prayers when prayed encounter those in the room who amplify the vibration by praying with you... And some prayers are weakened when shared with people who dampen the strength with negative talk.

This is why it's imperative we surround ourselves with positive people aligned with our purpose. If we're surrounding ourselves with people who have strong amplifiers, our prayers and hope are strong and sure. There is no room for doubt or shaky faith. We have support and strength that keep us going no matter what's going on. We can be patient as we wait for the things we've prayed and hope for come into being. And it seems that things happen quicker than when we are alone or when we surround ourselves with people whose vibrations are weak.

At all times we need to have very strong signals going out and up, and surround ourselves with people who have strong, positive vibrations. This is why it's important that we keep good company. "Birds of a feather flock together."

Whether a prayer is something little like "Lord I really want my nails to grow fast" or something big like "Lord I need money to pay my rent", they go out into the world as vibrations. And God directs those vibrations toward people who are positioned and equipped to do what He wants done with it. We are all His vessels, we are all His servants, we are all His stewards over the resources that He has given us. When things happen for us it is because God has directed the people over a certain area, over a certain resource, to help. And we say thank you for this favor.


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