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Girls Growing Gracefully Girl Power Conference was Powerful!

Our girls are powerful! And yesterday I had the opportunity to experience their creativity, confidence, compassion, and excellent leadership skills first hand at Atlanta pediatrician Dr. Monica Moore MD 's Girl Power Conference posted by her non-profit Girls Growing Gracefully.

Although I was the facilitator, I was the one who was getting school!

Through a series of games, activities, and exploration, the girls and I worked through the keys to good leadership:

📌Understanding instructions

📌Ensuring everyone else understands expectations

📌Being kind when giving direction and correction

📌Prioritizing when you receive multiple instructions from different people

📌Understanding that leadership is harder than it looks so be gentle with the person in charge

📌Working in love with a smile is easier than working hard with a frown

📌Mistakes happen, but so too does success

Thank you Dr. Monica for this amazing opportunity. I really appreciate you entrusting me with the girls and your program yesterday. It was fun, beautiful, and so well planned! And I am sorry that I missed @grabourwealthteam

Presentation but I know it was absolutely amazing! Ms Tracy, you are such a knowledgeable and loving finance professional!

Very special thanks to Dr. Necole F. Turner, JD for sponsoring our giveaways and prizes.

Thank you Shana Thornton of Savvy Publicity for bringing this amazing opportunity into my life.

And thank you to my daughter, also known as my right hand woman, for keeping me on task, taking pictures, and video!

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