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Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell: Breaking up with Burnout

Permission To Kick Ass: A Podcast For Creative Entrepreneurs


Meet Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, the intuitive business coach on a mission to help you add joy into your business. Lynita is an attorney, speaker, author, and all-around powerhouse, and she's here to share with us her rollercoaster journey from severe burnout to breakthrough. She’s taking us through the highs and lows of trying to be everything at once, leading to a literal collapse (and the 'aha' moment that changed everything). If you’re ready to explore the slower lane to success, this one’s for you. 

Episode notes:

In the chaos of constant comparisons, we're all hunting down 'perfection' as if it's this magical shortcut. Spoiler alert: it's not! What if, instead, we tossed aside the pursuit of perfection and zeroed in on what genuinely brings YOU joy? Let's face it, joy is a uniquely personal experience. Join Lynita and me as we explore why crafting a life on YOUR terms holds the golden key to discovering authentic happiness. Listen now!

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • If you're squeezing yourself into an "I must excel at all times" suit, Lynita and I are here to drop a truth bomb on why being good enough is good enough (and being 'the best in the biz' isn't all it's cracked up to be)…

  • The “Burnout Boomerang”: Work too much, exhaust ourselves, hit rock bottom, rinse, and repeat. What if there was another way? Lynita is sharing her wakeup call, and how kicked her toxic relationship with burnout to the curb…

  • Truth Bomb: you don’t ever cross the finish line into happiness (unless you mean the FINAL finish line, perhaps). If you’re feeling like life is constantly moving the goalposts and you’ll never find happiness, Lynita and I have some practical steps you can start taking TODAY...

  • Time to turn off the autopilot? It’s become all too easy to follow someone else's version of success, without stopping to question whether it’s right for YOU. Lynita has a fascinating take on playing by your own rules…

  • If it feels like finding your bliss is a sham sold by a guru with a McMansion, listen up! You already have the capability to be happy more frequently, more deeply, and more easily than you ever thought possible. Lynita and I share our favorite mindset shifts to help you quickly banish the “blah”...

Lynita’s Bio:

Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell is the Intuitive Business Coach™ who leads her clients to Live Life on FIRE for the Ultimate Successful Life with peace, joy, and fulfillment!

Lynita has built an award winning law firm and publishing house, is a #1 Bestselling Author, CPA, an ordained New Thought Minister, and recognized nationally as an outstanding community leader. Based on her latest book, Lynita loves sharing the formula to the Ultimate Successful Life with Peace, Joy, and Fulfillment!

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Listen to the Podcast, here: Episode 148 of PTKA

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