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Clubhouse talk by Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell 2-15-2021 on how the phrase "getting ready" has been used as code for "undeserving", and how to rewrite that code to manifest the business and LIFE we desire. 


This talk is for people who:

  • Are tired of hearing and feeling that the reason you're not successful in your business is because you are not "ready"
  • Have obtained all the training, certifications, designations, education, and joined a bunch of groups and organizations, yet are still not getting the results you want?
  • Have done everything that you know to do to get ready... But still are not "ready"?!


We explore the reason that "Ready" has become a code word for undeserving, and the reason you are being told that you do not deserve to be successful.


We discuss the limiting mindset reinforcing your fears and preventing you from pushing past those code words that keep you in an undeserving state.


And we identify the three things you need to do right now to get past getting ready and run into your destiny, which includes a successful soul shining Empire.

Rewriting the Undeserving Code to Manifest the Business and LIFE You Desire

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