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"What are you living for?" Oprah Winfrey


"I'm living for my peace and my joy. I am. I want to be happy in my life." Viola Davis


Oprah + Viola, 2022 Netflix Interview


Live Life on Fire is the guide to live a happy life full of peace and joy. The secret to life success - one that includes personal and professional achievement - is revealed through one's intuitive intelligence that grows from life experience. When most people think of success, they don't normally think about what they are living for beyond the "stuff" such as accolades, accomplishments, recognition, money, cars, status, and real estate. They may include family, relationships, children, and fitness goals. But the truth is if we want a successful life, the ultimate successful life, then we must begin within. We must answer the question, "Who are you living for?"

This book is the "cheat sheet" to answer that question through life and business stories that will make you laugh, cry, get mad, and release - sometimes in the same chapter! Learn tools to build a life that is both internally and externally pleasing, a life full of good health and great relationships, self-love and worldly recognition. A life that is whole and complete - not a perfect life, but an excellent one where you define your own standard of success and live it unapologetically. And in doing so, be of service to your family, friends, community, business, and your SELF.

This book is for those who are ready to make an ultimate change in their lives, who have decided that while worldly success is great, inner world success - peace, joy, and fulfillment - is the ultimate goal.

Live Life on Fire Hardcover

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