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You Did ALOT Right in 2022 - Let's Celebrate!

We're always focused on what we did wrong, how we offended others and let ourselves down... but what if we took an hour and focused on everything we did RIGHT!

Master Speaker & Coach Star Bobatoon, Esq. challenged me to do just that after I had a mini "come apart" about setting my vision for 2023. I enumerated all the things that didn't go my way, and then she said, "What about all the things that did?" That stopped me cold in my tracks as I considered her question.

I realized that 2022 was a good year despite several bumps in my road. So even after having emergency surgery, ending my professorship with school, my amazing VA finding another opportunity, gaining another 10 pounds, and finding a leak in my roof... I can still be grateful for writing and publishing my book, recording and launching my leadership academy, producing and releasing my Live Life on Fire interview, securing an awesome publicist, deepening my relationships with two line sisters, allowing my friends and family to show up for me, expanding my meditation practice, and replacing my VA with a longtime friend.

Let's take time to celebrate everything we did RIGHT in 2022 before we go to our vision board/launch/experience parties next weekend.

Let's pat ourselves on the back for every time we showed up for ourselves and others, each time we got up off the ground after being kicked over.

Let's thank God for this moment in 2023 that we have BECAUSE we embraced the opportunity that was 2022.

We did it RIGHT y'all! So let's celebrate!

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