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Leadership Begins Within: 100 Black Women Leadership Forum

I had the BEST time today facilitating Workshop 101: Embracing the Power of Honest Leadership: Bringing Your Best Self at the 100 Black Women - NW GA Chapter's Leadership Forum! I am grateful that the attendees enjoyed it as well, and thankful for their positive feedback.

I shared that honest leadership begins with living a life consistent with purpose, which requires us to remember our dreams - the ones buried under achievement, other people's approval, and our desire to be accepted. We must prioritize self-worth and acceptance before we may embrace the joy of living - which is beyond happiness.

I also led the ladies through a guided meditation to help calm feelings of overwhelm; and we took time to identify people in our lives who help us, encourage us, and lift us when leadership gets hard.

Thank you Sherry King for recommending me for this wonderful opportunity; President Kelli Humphrey for inviting me to participate; and Ms. Virgie Seltzer and Ms. Euvesta for being my support in creating this presentation!

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