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Faith or Fear.

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Faith or fear. You must choose whether you are going to live in Faith or be ruled by fear. You cannot do both. No man can serve two masters.

I know with everything going in the world with the coronavirus that you are tempted to devolve into a blubbering, fearful soul. But you were not made to rest or abide in fear. You were made in God's perfect image. Strong and capable. Smart and wise. Ready and able.

When we feel fear it is not to be ignored. Rather it is to be acknowledged and faced. In times like this, fear is to be used as a reckoning tool. We are to use it to face the things that we know we need to change in our lives. But it is not to hijack us into action, or worse, counterproductive action that hurts ourselves or others.

Fear has another meaning: respect. When we respect the power of something, we take it seriously.

We take the Coronavirus very seriously. We take the reports of people passing and being sick very seriously. Now we have to take action.

Action is synonymous with faith. So in faith, we commit to doing better. What does better look like in a situation like this?

Eat better. Get enough sunlight. Practice good hygiene. Stress less. Love more. Practice more compassion.

Eclipse the fear. Embrace the faith.

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