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Empowered Women Empower Women!

Yesterday I was blessed to be a panelist at the Empowered Women Empower Conference by Diana Richardson-Phillipus with Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M. , Yolanda M. Smith, MBA, CPBA and Cortina Peters, LMHC, LPC a.k.a. The Girlfriend Therapist.

This was one of the most powerful panels I've had the pleasure to serve on. We went deep; and the audience was in love! Here are a few points from our panel:

📍 Your definition of success must include the intangible because the tangible will never be enough

📍 If every time you talk to a person your energy is depleted, stop talking to them - it distracts you from your purpose

📍 Take the leap into entrepreneurship, knowing that you are supported

📍 There is power in the breath: take time to breathe and pause before you do anything

📍 Instead of networking, focus on making friends- and run those relationships like a prize Pony 🐎

We were led through a beautiful meditation and deep breathing exercise led by Brooklyn Tankard of the breakout reality TV show on Bravo.

And keynote speaker the Iconic Beverly Johnson absolutely spell-bound us as she weaved her life story around all of us, bringing us into her journey up close and personal. She shared her struggle with addiction, being assaulted, the beautiful relationship she has with her daughter, her unique perspective on being first and what it means to cheer on other women who may be competitors. It was absolutely divine! Ms. Johnson's humor, humbleness, yet independently assured presence was exactly what every person in that room needed - self-included!

The vendors were excellent, the food was good, but the fellowship was the breakout star of the day. Thank you Diana for a beautiful growth experience. 🙏🏾

Special thanks to MUA Kim Harley for the 7am makeup session, you are the best!!! 💖

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