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Be still and go to the center...

When something doesn't feel right, and nothing makes sense, be still and Go to the center.

My daughter has always been thin. When she was smaller she was underweight, but healthy. When she was in elementary school she used to love lunch every day. But there was a streak of about a month when her cafeteria balance doubled. My husband and I could not explain it because she did not change in size. We took her to the doctor and she came back with a clean bill of health. I asked her what she was ordering from school. My daughter is a smart little cookie. She made up some stuff because she knew where I was going, but I didn't know yet.

She then started taking her lunch to school. My husband or I would take her to the grocery store and let her select her own snacks, and she learned how to make her own sandwiches. One day I took some time off to have lunch with her and the lunch that she was eating was not what I knew we had purchased. Literally it was a few leaves of lettuce and some bread with mayonnaise.

Shocked I exclaimed, "Baby where is the rest of your food?" Out of t