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Do you ever wonder why you’re not getting where you want to go, even though you have degrees, certifications, join the “right” groups and organizations?  Do you sometimes feel “lost in the crowd” although you’re surrounded by plenty of people?  Are you working a “good job”, but starting to wonder if it’s working you – and not to your benefit?

If you answered YES to any (or all!) of these questions, let’s talk! 


You were born brilliant, strong and unique.  Just as a diamond is precious and priceless from inception, so too, are you.  Let us work together to unearth the qualities that make you shine bright, eclipse the fears that have kept you hidden from the world’s view, and establish the setting that will best present your brilliance.  Transform your life, inside and out – begin by taking our assessment.

Leading Through Living has the tools, resources, and support to help you live freely, release the fear and embrace your awe-inspiring Self.  Our webinars, one-on-one coaching, group trainings, and immersive experiences will positively impact your mindset and transform the way you think about you.

Carl H. Chaput, Director, Branch Manager

Private Wealth Management

Thank you so much for making our networking event such a fun time!! It is obvious you love what you do!

Emily R. Ancinec

Coordinator of Student Organizations

Center for Student Organizations

Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell was our Keynote speaker for our leadership conference and was incredibly well received by our students. Her multifacted professional experience allowed many students to connect to her story and learn  a great deal from her.

Heather White, CPA

Campus Recruiter

Lynita was delightful to work with. She was not only diligent in understanding the topic that we wanted to cover but she was interested in our company, who we are and how we operate.


Do the spectacular, knowing your goals are INpossible as you plan, execute, and achieve in excellence with Lynita’s proven career elevating solutions.

Audiovisual Conference


Whether you attend with your team or go solo, join Lynita as we run the full range TOGETHER and set career goals that prosper your entire wellbeing – mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial - and your employer’s bottom line.

Colleagues Working in Office


 Work with Lynita to release the fears holding you back from every achievement you ever dared dream, and embrace the awe-mazing relationships, opportunities, profits, and wellbeing already residing within.

Discussing the Numbers


The 90 Day Breakaway Program™ brings the four areas of your life - the intelligence quotients – into alignment and relief for your ultimate success in the major life areas.  Offered online and in person, this program refocuses your mind from distraction and stress toward confident, authentic, and joyful personal and professional life engagement.


"Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell is an angel walking on earth, and I don’t say this lightly. Meeting her was divine, and I am grateful for her support, encouragement, inspiration, and for pushing me to step out of my comfort zone!  None of this – ATL’s Hottest Author, being a calendar model – would have been possible without her. "

Kayl May  |  Spokesperson & Keynote Speaker on Schizoaffective Disorder

Bestselling Author "The Unveiling of A Mask", 2017 ATL's Hottest Author


This is a 12 day program that explores the core areas that dictate your success in almost every situation, from belief in yourself, trusting your gut, making solid decision, speaking in powerful authority, releasing crippling regret, and eclipsing fears.  Lynita analyzes how things get mixed up along the way to Super-work Stardom, and gives you right-now solutions to release the confusion blocking thoughts and break the paralyzing habits that keep you from living the prosperous life you deserve.

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