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Now Is The Time To Plant

When the land is barren, it is empty, but it is not void.

The difference is that empty means there is nothing growing. Void means that there is no opportunity to grow anything.

Right now the land is empty. People are furloughed or laid off. Businesses are closed temporarily or permanently. But that also means that people are home and it is quiet. That means that there is now time to rest and consider next steps. That means that it is time to pray.

Prayers are seeds that go into the great universal field to be planted. Now is the time plant those seeds.

When the 2008 recession occurred, my law firm went from closing 20 files a week to 2 a month. I remember having to make very difficult calls to the car company and to my mortgage company, finally getting so tired trying to juggle everything that I said "just take the car" and "just take the house". Of course the banks didn't want the house or the car, they wanted their money. And so we came up with a plan on how I would be able to keep both so they could get paid.

But during that time of serious financial uncertainty I remember praying a prayer. I asked the Lord that when the next upheaval came, because these things come in cycles and have their seasons, that I be positioned so that I would not be caught in that position again. And I am seeing that come to pass. I am now considered essential and able to work. And I'm able to be a blessing not just to my house but to the houses that are bound to and affiliated with me. This is the time to seed prayers. This is the time to ask the Lord to direct you towards activities and businesses that can hold up during times like this. Now is the time to plant those prayers. Water them with love, even when it's tears, but always in love.

Tell fear you will not allow it to keep you from getting up everyday. During the recession, I got up everyday. Even when it hurt, even when I had no clients, I still got up and made phone calls and sent emails. And when I had clients, I showed up on time and grateful and ready to work. Two years later, one of my cold calls paid off, and my business exploded. I shared the lead with another attorney with whom I pray and plan, and her business blossomed as well. Plant the seed. This time will not last. Soon it will be harvest time. And the time for reaping will be here!

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