SettlefreeTV was so happy to be in the building to cover this amazing book launch. You remember the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by the impeccable Bonnie Tyler? Well the Supreme Performance Professional Development Coach and best selling author, Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell gave us life this Saturday, November 16th as we got a chance to celebrate her "Eclipse Your Fears" Book Launch and witness the reveal of her fourth book titled "Knocked Down Set Straight Face it Speak it Forgive it Release it."

Surrounded by family, friends, and supporters, Lynita stood tall dressed in a beautiful gold skirt elegantly paired with a black chiffon top, with beautiful tree Braids to match a gorgeously beat face, she boldly eclipsed her own fear by speaking candidly about her struggles, challenges, and the beautiful lessons and blessings that came from them. What is the book about you might ask? Here's a few reviews of what people have said so far: Someone said


"It’s a refreshing reminder that what has happened in our lives is not to us but for us and should be used to unmask us."


Someone else said "Disappointments provide fertile ground for the best lessons, Lynita prevails these lessons into success and shares her method for navigating the process."

It was a packed event, I mean standing room only and it was beautiful to see all the love that was shown in the room! The energy was positive. If you're tired of feeling like mess has taken over your life, Lynita's book "Knocked Down, Set Straight" is definitely a must read! People came to receive something oh and you best believe Lynita Mitchell Blackwell did NOT disappoint! She gave them exactly what they needed to receive plus more! If you’ve been knocked down in your life you need to purchase this book because it’s definitely going to set you straight and just a reminder that just because you were knocked down does not mean you have to remain down, there’s a process of elimination to get you back to where you were meant to be. The process includes, Facing it, Speaking it, Forgiving it, and Releasing it! What is your "It?"

Lynita began her powerful message as she asked us if we remember where we were and what we were doing two years ago... OK you could hear people mumbling and grumbling in the room because naturally we barely remember what we ate yesterday let a long what we did two years ago. She spoke about how she remembered exactly what she was doing two years ago. She was dealing with a fork in the road decision she had to make. She was feeling uneasy that she was contemplating shutting down a magazine that she had worked so hard for 5 years to grow because she knew that her direction and her purpose was supposed to be heading in another way. She spoke about how she had to make changes that were difficult and it knocked her down, it was tough, it hurt, she didn't want to give up control, but she knew it was tearing her apart literally! It was ripping the life right out of her precious body and finally she shared... she realized, it had to go! The room was in complete silence and you could see the looks on the attendees faces. What were they holding on to? What did they realize they need to release? Lynita's ability to release after being knocked down, led to her next level! The message was so deep and captivating, I wanted to hear more!

The entire signing was outstanding and I know some people did NOT leave the same way they came! No they left feeling inspired, empowered and like they can conquer the world! I know I did! It was POWERFUL!


Get your copy of this amazing book by clicking the link below! Remember, whatever it is, Face it Speak it Forgive it Release it

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